You can access my work below by clicking on the listed titles. Most recently, I was commissioned by Chronic Insanity to write ONLYCONNECT, a digital interactive story built in Twine. ONLYCONNECT imagines friendship as a commodity you can buy and sell on an app, and asks you to navigate the difficulties of trust, authenticity, and capitalism in this world. You can play ONLYCONNECT (mobile only) through the Chronic Insanity Archive.


I am also experienced in running poetry workshops, having previously delivered workshops for Coastal Currents and the Ashmolean Museum. From 2022 - 2023 I facilitated monthly sessions for those new to writing poetry at the Oxford Poetry Library, and continue to be involved in events there. I am a member of the 2023-24 Roundhouse Poetry Collective.


You can contact me here: hello@mayalittle.co.uk



Essays and Reviews


The Life That is Waiting For Us - The Rambling

Who made this world? 'work.txt' reviewed - Oxford Public Philosophy

Soulless Places – The Isis

In Praise of Letters – The Isis

Cleverly Captured Vulernability in Normal People – Cherwell

Also for Cherwell

A Room (and a narrator) with a View - English and Media Centre Emag

Great Expectations - English and Media Centre Emag


Fiction and Poems


Milk Tray – The Oxford Review of Books (Short fiction prize winner, 2019, judged by Julia Armfield)

Imagine Feeling The Curve of the Moon - Oxford Public Philosophy

Landlock - Oxford Blue (scroll down)

Later – State of the Arts

Poem for Somewhere Else – Hypaethral

The Stretch and The Last Gods - Young Poets Network

Salt Pillars, To Know You Backwards, I have nice dreams about you - Ash

Cormorant, Items seen from a third floor window, Park Ranger With Torch - Pekes and Policles