You can access my work below by clicking on the listed titles. Most recently, I was commissioned by Chronic Insanity to write ONLYCONNECT, a digital interactive story built in Twine. ONLYCONNECT imagines friendship as a commodity you can buy and sell on an app, and asks you to navigate the difficulties of trust, authenticity, and capitalism in this world.


I am also experienced in running poetry workshops, having previously delivered workshops for Coastal Currents and the Ashmolean Museum. I now run monthly sessions for those new to writing poetry at the Oxford Poetry Library. I am a member of the 2023-24 Roundhouse Poetry Collective.


You can contact me here:- hello@mayalittle.co.uk



Essays and Reviews


The Life That is Waiting For Us - The Rambling

Who made this world? 'work.txt' reviewed - Oxford Public Philosophy

Soulless Places – The Isis

In Praise of Letters – The Isis

Cleverly Captured Vulernability in Normal People – Cherwell

Also for Cherwell

A Room (and a narrator) with a View - English and Media Centre Emag

Great Expectations - English and Media Centre Emag


Fiction and Poems


Milk Tray – The Oxford Review of Books (Short fiction prize winner, 2019, judged by Julia Armfield)

Imagine Feeling The Curve of the Moon - Oxford Public Philosophy

Landlock - Oxford Blue (scroll down)

Later – State of the Arts

Poem for Somewhere Else – Hypaethral

The Stretch and The Last Gods - Young Poets Network

Salt Pillars, To Know You Backwards, I have nice dreams about you - Ash

Cormorant, Items seen from a third floor window, Park Ranger With Torch - Pekes and Policles